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2017 NSW Open Championships

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Illawong athletes were formidable competitors at the recent 2017 NSW Open Championships with many fine performances.

Our elite sprinter and hurdler, Abbie Taddeo, performed extremely well and finished with two state medals. She won the Women's 100m in a time of 12.00s and was the second NSW runner to finish the 100m Hurdles. Her time was 13.71s. Illawong was especially well represented in the Women's 100m with seven athletes in the heats. All seven made it through to the semi finals and Abbie, Chloe Mannix-Powell and Luisa Healey made it into the final. Chloe and Luisa came 5th and 6th.

Another outstanding performance was provided by 12 year old Imogen Stewart. Imogen ran in the Open Women's 1500m heats in a time of 4:33.74. This time was good enough to qualify for the final, where she finish in sixth place after running improving on her heat time with 4:31.26.

At the opposite end of the age sprectum, Brian Mackie, came second in the 55 to 59 age group for the 10,000m run.

Overall, eleven athletes made it into finals, which is an impressive result. Besides those already mention there was Alicia Keir, 5th in the 400m, Charlotte O'Brien and Eva Kostopoulos, 7th and 8th in the High Jump, Melanie Ruse, 9th in Long Jump, Stevie Donougher, 5th in Triple Jump, Bryce Coles-Sinclair, 7th in 1500m and Christian Georgallis came 6th, 8th and 5th respectively in the 100m, 200m and Shot Put Para events. The Men's 200m event had a "B" Final as well and

Finally, thank you to all of the athletes, coaches, families and club supporters who attended over the weekend. The club is proud to have an association with you all.

All of the results are shown below:

Event   Place Name Perf.
Women 100 Metre Open      
  Preliminaries 2 Abbie Taddeo 12.10
    6 Luisa Healey 12.41
    8 Chloe Mannix-Power 12.46
    10 Tomasin Clark 12.61
    16 Elena Delaveris 12.52
    23 Isabellah Walker 12.83
    26 Natasha Hughes 12.89
  Semi-Finals 1 Abbie Taddeo 12.07
    7 Chloe Mannix-Power 12.50
    9 Luisa Healey 12.56
    11 Elena Delaveris 12.70
    13 Tomasin Clark 12.71
    15 Isabellah Walker 12.74
    20 Natasha Hughes 12.84
  Finals 1 Abbie Taddeo 12.00
    5 Chloe Mannix-Power 12.46
    6 Luisa Healey 12.47
Women 200 Metre Open      
  Preliminaries 13 Chloe Mannix-Power 25.82
    25 Marsha Dunkel 26.44
Women 400 Metre Open      
  Preliminaries 4 Alicia Keir 55.58
    10 Alison McAvoy 57.27
    14 Marsha Dunkel 58.28
  Finals 5 Alicia Keir 54.83
Women 800 Metre Run Open      
  Preliminaries 10 Alicia Keir 2:12.75
Women 100 Metre Hurdles Open      
  Preliminaries 3 Abbie Taddeo 13.67
  Finals 2 (NSW) Abbie Taddeo 13.71
Women 1500 Metre Run Open      
  Preliminaries 7 Imogen Stewart 4:33.74
  Final 6 Imogen Stewart 4:31.26
Women High Jump Open      
  Final 7 Charlotte O'Brien 1.70m
    8 Eva Kostopoulos 1.70m
Women Long Jump Open      
  Preliminaries 3 Melanie Ruse 5.40m
  Finals 9 Melanie Ruse 5.25m
Women Triple Jump Open      
  Finals 5 Stevie Donougher 12.15m
Men 100 Metre Open      
  Preliminaries 33 Duncan Watt 11.63
Men 200 Metre Open      
  Preliminaries 18 Andrew Abdullah 22.92
    35 Ryan Mercer 24.02
    36 Duncan Watt 24.37
Men 200 Metre B Race Open      
  Finals 6 Andrew Abdullah 23.42
Men 400 Metre Open      
  Preliminaries 28 Chris Livirizzi 50.67
    31 Eric Herger 51.16
Men 1500 Metre Run Open      
  Preliminaries 6 Bryce Coles-Sinclair 3:55.86
    34 Mark Simpson 4:17.22
  Finals 7 Bryce Coles-Sinclair 3:57.23
Men 100 Metre PARA-amb      
    6 Christian Georgallis 16.16
Men 200 Metre PARA-amb      
    8 Christian Georgallis 35.07
Men Shot Put PARA-amb      
    5 Christian Georgallis 4.70m
Men 55-59 10000 Metre Run A Race Masters      
    2 Brian Mackie 47:07.48