Illawong Athletics

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28 July - Miranda Park – Cnr Sylvania Road and the Kingsway, Miranda

Timetable of events:

  • 2:20 - 2km
  • 2:40 - 4km
  • 3:15 - 8km

When club members arrive, they can:

  1. Go to their club table
    • Randwick Botany
    • Illawong
    • St George
    • Sutherland
  2. Each table will have two piles of bib tags, one for men and one for women
  3. Collect a bib and write their name against their bib number on a list that will be provided on the table. Pins will be provided.


  1. Compete in their event

Point scoring is in accordance rules of the Endeavour Cup. See below

Rules for Endeavour Cup Competition between Sutherland, St George, Illawong, and Randwick Botany Athletic Clubs



1.         Only races for the three longer distances shall count for points.  All Clubs have unrestricted age groups for these races.


2.         Points scored will be based on whole minutes run by each runner who qualifies for points.  If a runner’s time was 24:53, the points scored for that runner would be 24.


3.         For each race, points shall be scored by the first three male runners and the first three female runners in each Club.  If a Club has insufficient female runners, points shall be allocated in the vacant place based on the Club’s previous female runner’s place plus five, with a further five points being added if there is no third female runner.  If the club has no female runner at all in the race, points for the first female runner will be calculated based on the third male runners’ time plus one quarter of the third male runner’s points.


4.         Total points scored by each Club are added together in the following manner to determine the winning Club on the day, with the lowest score being the winner.  Total points for the shortest race are to be multiplied by three; total points for the middle-distance race are to be multiplied by two; and these totals are to be added to the total points scored in the longest race.