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Special Olympics Australia IX National Games

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South Australia hosted athletes with an intellectual disability from all Australian States and Territories for a week of companionship, excitement and competition at the Special Olympics IX National Games from 19th to 24th April at Adelaide's Santos Athletics Stadium. Illawong's very own Craig Muhlbock and Kristen Mercer had very successful games and each picked up a swag of medals.

Craig came away with gold in the 100m & 4x100 relay, silver in the shot put and a 5th place in the 200m (running his best time in over 3 years). While Kristen also won gold in the 4x100 relay, plus gold in long jump & shotput and silver in the 100m.

We will be cheering on Kristen when she goes to Canada in July to compete in the Opens. We also wish Liz Radley well as she is leading a team of athletes over to Canada.


ANSW Road Championships Photos

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Check out the photos from the recent Athletics NSW Road Championships on 1st May 2010, courtesy of Daniel Makovec. Click on the photo below to see all pictures from the event.


New uniforms are now available

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We have just received the shipment of new uniforms.

The variety of styles include Men's and Boy's singlets, Women's and Girl's singlets and Women's and Girl's crop tops. 

Sizes range from Boy's 10 to Men's 4XL and Girls 10 to Women's 14. Sizes outside these ranges can be obtained by special order. 

The subsidised cost is $25.00 per garment.

Just see Ian Lister to get your new uniform.   


Information on Novice Championships - Saturday 24/04/2010

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All athletes, including casuals, can enter the Club/Invitation races for a small entry fee (of maybe $5).  These races are 4km at 1.00pm, 2 km at 1.30pm and 10km at 1.50pm.

The Novice Championship races (4km at 2.45pm for Women and 10km at 3.15pm for Men) have an entry fee of $18, there is only an Open category for awards and only registered athletes can enter.

Click here for location of ANSW Novice Championships


Registration Details

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Welcome to the 2015/16 season!

Illawong & Districts Senior Athletic Club has a proud history of over 30 years supporting athletics.
Members have represented the club at all levels including state, national and international competitions.
Illawong Athletics welcomes athletes of all ages, all disciplines and most importantly, all abilities.
This package is designed to help you make the best choices for how you may wish to be involved.
It also contains information on how you may qualify for monetary assistance in fee exemptions and travel assistance.
The “NEW” uniform is now the official uniform.  If you need a new club uniform please contact MARK or MEGAN GEDDES on 0400 990967
  • ALL current registrations expire on 30 September 2015.
  • The registration portal for the new season opens on 15 September 2015.
  • The 2015/16 season commences on 1 October 2015.  All new registrations will be then current for a full 12 months.  There is no need to register again for the winter.  The only exception to this is the WINTER ONLY category which is not open for registrations until 1 April 2016.
  • For determining age categories for registration purposes it is your age as at 30 September 2016.  This may differ from the criteria determining your age for championship eligibility.  Please check at the time of entering competition.
  • ANSW WILL NOT accept registrations on the day of a competition under any circumstances.  All registrations must be lodged with ANSW by midday on the day before an official  competition commences.

What is the best registration option for me?

The best registration option will depend on what level of involvement you wish to have, the type of events you wish to compete in and the time of year.
What I want to do
Recommended option
(See registration categories below)
I am a serious athlete and want to compete all year round at club and ANSW events such as Club Premiership, Allcomers, and the various ANSW championship events including summer and winter relay events.
Full membership in appropriate age category
Categories A – F
Note: Dual athletes must be 12 years of age to compete in ANSW events
I don’t consider myself a serious athlete but I still want to do all, or some, of the things above.
As above
I just want to compete in club events such as Saturday afternoon cross country.  I have no interest in competing in ANSW scheduled events or championships.
Community Athlete
Category I
I want to compete at ANSW events but only during the X-Country season.  I have no interest in running the track season.
Winter Only
Category G
Hmmm…not sure.  Can I try an ANSW event to see if I like it? And if I don’t, just keep competing in club events.
Club Athlete
Category K –  Talk to a committee member first
I don’t compete but act as a club official, coach or administrator.
Club Associate
Category J
I am an accredited technical official.
Accredited Technical Official
Category L
Category M if in first year

Membership categories and Costs

Open athlete (all ages)
Under 20 athlete (18,19 years as at 30/9/16)
Under 18 athlete (15,16,17 years as at 30/9/16)
Junior athlete (14 years and under as at 30/9/16))
Dual athlete (currently registered with LAANSW)
LAANSW number to be provided at time of registration)
Age Concession athlete (60+ or pension card)
Run NSW (Formerly Winter Only)
(1 April – 30 September)
Family (must all register at same time)
Community Athlete (no ANSW events)
Club Associate (officials & administrators only)
Club Athlete (competes at club level only)
Accredited Technical Official
Registration for 1st year accreditation (Accredited Technical Officials Only)
Note: all ages as at 30 September 2016

Categories and Benefits - What do I get for my registration fee?

 Open, Under 20, Under 18, Junior, Age Concession and Family (CATEGORIES A, B, C, D, F & H)
  • Eligible to compete at all ANSW and AA sanctioned events
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • ANSW pocket calendar
  • Competition Bib
  • eATHLETE Information Service
  • Athlete’s Advantage Member Benefits Program
Dual Athlete (CATEGORY E)
  • Eligible to compete at all ANSW and AA sanctioned events
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • ANSW pocket calendar
  • Competition Bib
  • eATHLETE Information Service
Winter Only (CATEGORY G – Can only register from 1/4/16)
  • Eligible to compete at all ANSW and AA sanctioned events between 1/4/16 – 30/9/16
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • ANSW pocket calendar
  • Competition Bib
  • eATHLETE Information Service
Community Athlete (CATEGORY I)
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • eATHLETE Information Service
  • Athlete’s Advantage Member Benefits Program
  • Competes at Illawong club events only – not eligible to compete at any ANSW or AA sanctioned vents
Club Athlete (CATEGORY K)
  • Eligible to compete at one (1) of the following:  Summer Club Premiership, All-Comers, or the NSW Country Championship
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • ANSW pocket calendar
  • Club Athlete Competition Bib
  • eATHLETE Information Service
  • Athlete’s Advantage Member Benefits Program
Club Associate (CATEGORY J)
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • eATHLETE Information Service
  • ANSW pocket calendar
Accredited Technical Official (CATEGORY L – CATEGORY M 1st YEAR)
  • Must be a Nationally Accredited Technical Official
  • All officials receive free registration in their 1st year
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • eATHLETE Information Service
  • ANSW pocket calendar
  • ANSW Officials Uniform
The “Athlete’s Advantage” program is an initiative by ANSW .  It is a membership rewards program for all athletes and will be partnering with some of Australia’s leading brands to provide discounts and special offers to ANSW members.
Information on the package will be announced through eATHLETE and on the ANSW website before the season commences.

How Do I Register?

There are two ways you can register with Illawong.
The easiest and least time consuming method is to register on-line through the Athletics NSW website.
Go to and click on the Registrations icon. This will take you to the Clubs Online registration portal.
If you are an existing member you need only update any personal details that may have changed and nominate your appropriate registration category.
If you are a new member you will need to complete all details such as your name, date of birth, contact details and of course your appropriate registration category.
You will then be directed to the payment section to complete your registration. The only exception to this will be if you are a Dual Athlete as your registration is free.
All on-line registrations require a credit card.  All major cards are accepted.
The Club Registrar will receive notification of your registration from the Clubs Online administrator and will organise for you to receive your competition bib (if relevant).  These will either be distributed at early club events, at the first major event of the season or can be mailed to the athlete.
The second option is to complete the relevant paper based registration form.  Please note that there is a separate form for DUAL ATHLETES and your 2014/15 LAANSW registration number must be noted on the form.
Registration forms are available from the Club Registrar and from the club website.
Please complete the form in full including signature (by parent/guardian for all athletes under 18) and return it with your payment to the Registrar, Scott Wastell or any committee member.
Please note that we do not have credit card facilities – cash or cheque only for paper based registrations.
If you are currently registered with another ANSW club, you will also need to complete a Club Transfer Form.  This requires a release from your existing club and a payment of $35- to ANSW.  Please contact the Registrar, Scott Wastell if you require a transfer.

Staying In Touch….

The preferred method of communicating with our members is through our website
Here you will find information about upcoming events, results, latest news, photos as well as contacts for the committee and coaches.
We also have a Facebook page –  Illawong Athletics

Assistance For members

Illawong also provides some financial assistance for athletes who meet certain criteria.
Certain athletes may qualify for free registration and/or travel assistance.
Further information in regard to these programs can be found on the club website under “Membership Information”. 

Other ways to be involved

Apart from competition there are numerous ways members can help continue to make Illawong Athletics one of the most successful clubs in NSW.  There are a number of significant fund raising throughout the year that require plenty of hands.
  • ANSW Cross Country relays
  • Sydney half marathon (marshalling)
  • Revesby Workers Club Fun Run
  • City to Surf (marshalling)
  • Club Premiership (hosting)
Further there are a number of events that that the club conducts on behalf of ANSW.  Most prominent of these is the Cross Country Relays Championships mentioned above. In summer Illawong usually hosts one of the early rounds of the Club Premiership and a number of permit meets around the Christmas/New Year period.
You can assist by volunteering to help out on the BBQ or canteen, setting up field events, setting up and moving hurdles, starting blocks and the like.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done this type of thing before, there will be people to show you what to do.
During the winter program, we organise a volunteer roster to mark the numerous road and cross-country courses we utilise.  This is not an onerous task and will cost you about 2 – 3 hours in the total season.  Again, you’ll be given all the direction and tools you need to do the task.
The committee is currently working on a plan to maximise the way these tasks are allocated and communicated.
It is important that when you register that you record a current email address and contact number to ensure that the Club can contact you as promptly as possible.
For any further information about the club or any questions about registrations please contact the Registrar, Scott WastellYou can do this either by email through the website, or you can phone on 0407 060 764.

Trivia Night 2010

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Illawong Athletics Trivia Night 2010

Saturday 8th May

What was the exact time of Roger Bannister's first sub 4 minute mile?

Who was the second person to break the 4 minute mile?

What was notable about the women's 100m sprint winner from the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics?

What is the longest standing individual track and field world record?

Who finished second to Usain Bolt in last year's Berlin world championships?

Who is the current holder of the men's javelin world record?

If you can answer these, please be on my table! (answers below - click on 'Read More' button)

Bookings now available online.


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